Needless: Show the marrow of humanity’s true nature!

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The Hungarian band have manifesting forbidden worlds with metal music in fifteen years. The band is from Dánszentmiklós village in Pest county, Cegléd district. Their music is not a pest of course but the music consists of traditional elements of [...]

Petza: Distinctive ensemble

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A Journey Through Delusions from Hungarian band Petza was originally released in January 2016. Early this year that record was rereleased. The Budapest ensemble deliver a nice and distinctive instrumental alternative rock. The track Welcome To The [...]

Unforssen: European Capital of Culture

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Pécs is a city in Hungary and is the fifth largest city in Hungary, located southwest of the country. In 2010, the city was designated European Capital of Culture. The band Unforseen from the city contribute to the culture and plays an interesting [...]

Realm Of Wolves: With 3 monikers

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Stvannyr – guitars andsongwriting, Ghöul – bass and songwriting, Vvildr – lyrics, vocals, drums and artwork. These three musicians together is the Hungarian band Realm Of Wolves. ROF have now released their debut album Oblivion. [...]

Dissonant Distance: Pumping bass grooves and ambient loops

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Dissonant Distance is a newly formed international power trio consisting of three musicians. Oscar Hansson on bass guitar and live looping, Andras Saylik on drums and percussion and Jay Matharu on guitars. They recently have released their [...]

Wall Of Sleep: Hivatalos szöveges

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The Road Through Never is the new album of the cult Hungarian doom band Wall Of Sleep was released onlate in October, and the band now released the first lyric video for their new song, The Deserter. The Deserter translated to Hungarian is Hivatalos [...]

Ann My Guard: Destiny

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Moira is the new release from Ann My Guard and the album is the heaviest and darkest release of the band so far. Moíra means fate in Greek, and the concept of the whole album derives from The Moirai, who are the incarnations of destiny, and symbols [...]

Gods Of The Fallen: Travel between genres

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Gods Of The Fallen is a modern metal band from Budapest in Hungary and the band was established in the autumn of 2015. After having released an EP called Limitations on February 2017, the band has decided to release yet another EP titled Fallen, an [...]

Stonedirt: Headbanging, showing devil horn etc

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Hungarian southern groove-thrash metal band Stonedirt’s new album Backlash-Zone is out now. The band comment about Backlash-Zone, «Waiting for this record took a bit longer this time, but at least we provided the maximum, as always. We believe [...]

Nagaarum: Homemade

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Since the start in 2012 the metal band Nagaarum has with this year’s release Apples delivered 10 album. That is an impressing quantity of music, and the most of the music is fascinating in addition. Nagaarum started out in the beginning as a [...]