Luca Liotti: A classic gothic play.

15. September 2022 // 0 Comments

Luca Liotti with the new track The Greatest Desire. Author and Composer Luca Liotti recorded in the Lands Of Glory studio in Florence 2022. The Greatest Desire…is the new single by Luca Liotti, it is a classic gothic play. The use of a [...]

Aura: Introduces us to their most intimate univers.

21. August 2022 // 0 Comments

Aura is a band from Italy and they offers prog metal and melodic post-rock, and here are the track Lost Over Time taken from the album Underwater which is their fourth relase. The Progsters from Campania thus introduces us to their most intimate [...]

Riccardo Moccia: inspired by the Indian Konnakol!

17. August 2022 // 0 Comments

Riccardo Moccia is an Italian producer, composer, guitarist, singer, actor, writer and sound engineer. He mixes death metal, technical death metal, post metal, progressive music and are FFO Meshuggah, Death, Opeth. The track One-Creation Egg Form [...]

Ovo: A sludge vision, morbid but poetic.

15. August 2022 // 0 Comments

OvO release new single La Morte Muore (Part 2), and reveal upcoming album Ignoto. Italian experimental rock duo OvO are deathly ecstatic to share the first single, La Morte Muore (part 2),  from their upcoming opus, Ignoto. Mechanically [...]

Soul Reborn: In some ways it is a very intimate album!

14. August 2022 // 0 Comments

With an album title as Black Tear In A River Of Blood it must be metal music and yes it`s death metal from the Italian band Soul Reborn.  «Soul Reborn is the solo project of guitarist Stefano Pelosi! This is my dream because I can finally [...]

Destrage: Wield a large palette of stylistic variety.

12. August 2022 // 0 Comments

 Destrage, the witty Milanese four-piece who metal Injection said «wield a large palette of stylistic variety, almost to the extent of avant-garde classification and incorporate elements of progressive mathcore… alternative, and death metal, [...]

Amalia Bloom: Life’s a dance with picturesque moves!

9. August 2022 // 0 Comments

Amalia Bloom track list for the album Picturesque: 1. To Bide Time 03:14 2. Sleeping beauty 03:07 3. On canvas 03:40 4. Violet 02:26 5. Silhouettes 03:26 6. Analog You 03:45 7. Whimsical 03:12 8. At a crossroads 02:20 9. Memorial 03:13 10. Rockabye [...]
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