Gruppo Autonomo Suonatori: Honor the great old Italian bands.

16. januar 2022 // 0 Kommentarer

Omnia Sunt Communia is the debut album from Gruppo Autonomo Suonatori, and very close to 50 minutes of music. The album is half way instrumental and the band honor the classic Italian old symphonic prog band with this well-crafted release. Claudio [...]

Antonio Tony Pagliuca: Gently knocks at the gates of our soul.

13. januar 2022 // 0 Kommentarer

Italian is in my ears a beautiful language so we can tolerate a small dose of Italian as an introduction!!!!!! Tony Pagliuca bussa delicatamente alle porte della nostra anima. Ci invita a seguirlo nel labirinto della ricerca interiore. Ci precede [...]

The Steel : Discovered our dear Permafrost!

7. januar 2022 // 0 Kommentarer

Mr.Jack is president of Wanikiya Record and he, like so many others, have discovered our dear Permafrost! Mr. Jack now provides us with quality music we would otherwise have missed! The Steeel is one of the band and they have released the album The [...]

Beriedir: With a hymn to a rightful depature!

26. desember 2021 // 0 Kommentarer

Rockshots Records is very satisfied to announce their signing of Beriedir for the release of their new album Aqva on January 21, 2022. Beriedir (from the Sindarin word for Guardians) is a progressive melancholic power metal act based in Bergamo, [...]

Hunka Munka: Supported by six clever musicians!

25. desember 2021 // 1 Kommentar

Roberto Carlotto and Joey Mauro are the maestros in the Italia retro prog band Hunka Munka, but they are supported by six clever musicians on their new album Foreste Intestellari. The album Dedicato A Giovanna G. was released in 1972 so the new [...]
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