Apotheus: With untold story of our ancestry

27. juni 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Apotheus is a Portuguese melodic death metal band from Paços De Ferreira. Founded in 2008, the group currently consists of Miguel Andrade (vocals/rythm guitar), Tiago Santos (lead guitar), Daniel Rocha (bass) and Albano Von Hammer (drums). Apotheus [...]

Humanart: With their own interpretation of black metal

15. juni 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Humanart are one of the oldest Portuguese black metal bands, and they where  established in 1998. They have released theei new album (Further) Into The Dephts some time ago. The music is traditional black metal effort which draws inspiration from [...]

Sacred Sin: Mystic atmosphere provided by the keyboards

23. mai 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Sacred Sin have played old school death metal since 91. The band is one of the most important names in the Portuguese death metal scene and their 1995 classic Eye M God is a very good effort that underlines the power and technique of the band, and [...]

Holocausto Canibal: Important death/grind act

22. mai 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Holocausto Canibal was established in the fall of 1997. Ever since, the band is one of the most important and active death/grind metal acts in Portugal with regular tours across Europe and the United States. Due to the brutality of their sound, [...]

Kneel: With no lame choruses or catchy tunes!

15. april 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

A man of heaviness without limits and enemy of pre-conceived song structures, Pedro Mau (ex-Kneeldown, Wells Valley) is back with his solo project Kneel, whose debut full-length Interstice will be released on May 22nd, 2019 via Pulmonary Records. [...]

EnChanTya: Creative chemistry

3. april 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Portuguese gothic progressive metal band EnChanTya signs with Inverse Records for the release of the second full-length album On Light And Wrath to be released May 24th. EnChanTya blossoming to the world back in 2004 when Rute Fevereiro decided to [...]

Booby Trap: Footage from Vagos metal fest

13. februar 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Portugal’s Booby Trap have launched a video for the title-track of Stand Up And Fight, the third full-length from the crossover/thrash metal collective. The video, which contains footage from Booby Trap’s 2018 performances at Vagos Metal [...]

Touch Of God: Contrasts

20. desember 2018 // 0 Kommentarer

Swan Song is From Human Touch’s debut album Promise Not To Fall. The Touch of God project started in 2006 with little more than a desire and a motivation. All the members of the initial formation of the band knew if already for being [...]

Serrabulho: With rabel, tarota, adufe vierras etc

27. november 2018 // 0 Kommentarer

Serrabulho brand their music as party death/grind! Portuguese farmers Serrabulho will release their third album Porntugal Decemnber, 15th. With Porntugal, Serrabulho focused on its Portuguese cultural/musical heritage and wrote an intense but yet [...]

Destroyers Of All: Pushes the boundaries

18. november 2018 // 0 Kommentarer

To celebrate the announcement of the new album The Vile Manifesto, the band Destroyers Of All has premiered the lyric video False Idols as the first display of new music. «The songs about the atrocities operated by a military unit that performed [...]
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