• Etterna: Chaotic first child

    Prešov is located northeast of Slovakia, and produces a lot of different, including the band Etterna. The band was founded two years ago and play a prog-melodic metal. [...]
  • Ashes Reborn: Historical?

    Guimarães is a historic city founded in the 800s named Vimaranes. This city is the base for the thrash metal band Ashes Reborn, but provisional haven’t the band become [...]
  • Heretic Legion: New rulers

    The city Kristianstad was founded by King Christian IV, and all cities the king founded start with Kristian…. Now, of course, the king has died a long time ago, but instead [...]
  • Slift: Out Of Space

    The Toulouse band Slift offer their distinctive space rock that is intense, suggestive, fascinating and psychedelic.The band consist of Jean F. Canek F. Rémi F. The  Out Of [...]
New and exciting

Tim Hecker: Incorporating chinese court music.

av Jon Skjeseth i Snakk

Tim Hecker have through his eighteen year old career, built up a reputation where he is seen as one of the most interesting characters on the abstract electronic music scene. [...]

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