«Progressive» is a magic word!

The band Mobius comes from the Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean. It’s an island about 80 miles east of Madagascar. Reunion is today a French overseas department and an overseas region. First speaking of and talking in terms of the sea, the waves go high for Mobius as they release their debut album «The Line» on October the 10th. A record that the band itself defines as modern prog metal, in a form of a mix of symphonic metal, progressive music and world music. The band Mobius was thus on the Reunion Island where three teenagers met and found out that they had a common vision and love for contemporary prog metal. With time, all musicians moved to mainland France and to the city of Lyon, and after various crew changes the vocalist Heli Andrea appeared. With the female frontman and vocalist, the crew became stable and the French quartet began to hammer out their own sound.

A sound that is inspired by local bands from Reunion as Maloya and Sega, but also Asian, Indian and African world music as sources of influence. In addition, well-known bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Epica and Messhugah are highly valued of the French band. Two years ago, Mobius released a three-tracks demo, and were the opening act for Blindead and the norvegian Leprous when these two had a concert in Lyon. With time, Mobius had plenty of concerts and partly shared the stage with bands like Trepalium, Hypno5e and Stream Of Passion. About the lyrics of «The Line», Heli Andrea tells a story of, «In an individualistic society like ours, it is difficult to find one’s place, and violence and social exclusion are everywhere. What shall we do, what value choices are the right ones, and how can we adapt ourselves and grow in a world of standards and regulations»? She adds that, «this album is for everyone, for those who feel alone, those who feel that they are never appreciated, those who are traumatized by physical or mental violence, and for those who no longer know why they wake up every day»!

«The album conveys a message of universality, and the goal is that the work can relieve the common suffering we may have». The great cover art for «The Line» is signed by Above Chaos. The band is named after the mathematician and astronomer August Ferdinand Möbius. Those who wish can read detailed here about the phenomenon Moebius. No matter the musicians in the band Moebius fascinated by the phenomenon as a symbol of the idea of eternity, and the existence of which we first would not believe, but it became pretty cool when we understand the concept behind the idea. We also chose the name Mobius when we first discovered djent metal! The choice of this name was also initiated by their favourite bands at the time, Tesseract, Textures, Periphery, Circles, Algorythm etc. All of the band took names from scientific concepts!

«The balancing act between creativity and efficiency!»

The French band listens to different kinds of music, and it makes them even believe that their music is without limitations. For example, they may be happy to find to come up with flamenco by raw riffing and crazy keyboards. The hardest part of such stunts is to make the sound credible and coherent. The balancing act between creativity and effectiveness is often delicate. Yet, Mobius experiments and takes risks, and this attitude is simply to applaud. To quote a facetious but meaningful comment from the singer Heli Andrea, «If one day, someone propose us to use the sound of a snail hanging to a sparkling wall, we will not be afraid of this idea!». She says, «I think that saying, «I play some progressive metal does not mean anything». «Progressive is a magic word to say, I play some metal, and as I do not wanna limit myself, I put everything I love in it. We can play jazz, blues, world music in our metal songs. That’s really limitless».

It took the band two years to complete «The Line», so now they will unleash and keep plenty of gigs with their new line-up. We want to give audiences really good value for money, and consequently show them our musical universe! A goal for the future is to play outside of France, and often with bands that musicians really appreciate. The band is also looking for a label, and they have just begun to write new songs. That indicates a disk two coming someday, but it` probably long into the future. Raphael James has recorded and mixed the album, and he has been a key contributor to many things of the event, and also had some ideas of arrangements. In many ways he is the fifth man in the band.

The whole process of fabricating «The Line» has been much more hard work than Mobius musicians could have imagined. They therefore had to push boundaries and move beyond their comfort zone at times. Heli Andrea points out that there are two years of musical and mental development as the quintet (which now has become a quartet) have undergone, and the musicians really have matured on several levels. Lyrically speaking, the songs talks strait forward and are totally honest! The essence of the lyrics on «The Line« can be summarized as, «Their choices designed my path, Now I Design the Future. On the Line of who we are, between Resistance and Possibility«.


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