The Tangent: First track from their upcoming release

The Tangent - Proxy

British prog rock band The Tangent are preparing to release their tenth studio album this november. Today we got the first taste of what’s to come with the track A Case of Misplaced Optimism.

Proxy was created and recorded during their tour with Karmakanic in 2017/18, which made it easier for the band’s members to work together in a normal way, with hotel writing sessions, van discussions an soundcheck ideas. Andy Tillison have commented that the song is about two moods, one of defiant pride and another of wistful regret, with lyrics that looks back on personal life choices frowned upon in the past, celebrating changes in society that have made these choices more acceptable.

The five-track album will not be conceptual this time around, but draws influence both from the Canterbury scene, with bands like Egg and Caravan, and artists like Chick Corea and Jamiroquai.

Proxy will be released 16. november on InsideOut Music.


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