Nyango Star: Japan’s hardhitting applecat.

A video from Japan went viral a couple of years back, showing a guy in an adorable costume playing drums on a children’s song. It gets obvious rather quickly it’s not the average Joe sitting behind the drums, as his drum technique is way higher than what you usually expect from music like this. 

According to his website, Nyango Star is reincarnation of a cat who was buried in an apple field, which led to a fusion between a cat and an apple. A spirit told the applecat to go to Hollywood to become famous, and to get there it uses the drums. So far he’s been quite successful in doing this. His real name is unknown, but he comes from the city of Kuroishi in the Aomori prefecture, and takes his name after The Beatles’ member Ringo Star, as the Japanese pronunciation for “apple” is “ringo”.

The style of mascot that Nyango Star builds on is called Yuru-chara. These characters are usually created to promote a place, event or organisation. They are characterized for their kawaii or cuteness, the unsophisticated design, and often incorporating motives that represents local culture, history or products.

The first video Nyango Star uploaded to YouTube was a cover of the american 60’s band The Ventures’ song Yozora No Hoshi. But it was after covering children’s song, that he went viral. Over the three years that have passed since he begun his path, he has covered bands like Babymetal, Angra and X Japan, and have played with Dragonforce’s Frédéric Alexandre Leclercq, and appeared on TV-shows.


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