The harder sides of Botswanian music.

African metal bands are something you rarely hear about, except a few who comes from countries which borders the northern mediterranean coastal line, like Egypt and Algerie. And of course South Africa, that have a teeming metal culture, with groups like Wildernessking and Crow Black Sky. With a capital bordering South Africa, Gaborone have fostered several bands over the years, but with few record companies or radio station playing their music, it has been a difficult task promoting their music in their own country. Yet several of the bands do play concerts and festivals both in Botswana and the neighboring countries. As of 2018 there are eight active metal bands in the country according to Metal-Archives, with many of them having released new material this year.

Metal Orizon are the grand old men of the Botswanian metal scene. They formed the group back in 1990, and have a demo, an EP, and four long plays attached to their name. The band plays tribal heavy metal, where they incorporate traditional African rhythms with Western influenced riffs. Their newest addition to the discography, Kings of Africa, was dropped back in february of this year, and the members are looking for new opportunities overseas to promote their special brand of metal.

Metal Orizon

Skinflint was formed in 2006, and is a very active band having put out nine records, with a self-titled long play released this June. The band plays heavy metal with elements taken from the African culture, with lyrical themes concerning African mythology and spirituality, dark fantasy, history and warfare. In early 2019 they will embark on a North American tour with Soulfly as the headliner.


Overthrust formed in late 2008 in the city of Ghanzi, and was originally a trio, but expanded to a five-man strong group in the early 2010s. The band plays old school death metal, with lyrical themes about dirty deeds, reality of life and death, and criticizing religious figures. Their debut Desecrated Deeds to Decease was released in 2015, with a split dropped in July of this year together with Namibian artist Vilho Nuumbala aka Katutura. The project came together after a journey through Namibia, Botswana and South Africa, and was an attempt to forge cultural exchange through music.


Other Botswanian bands:

Wrust – Death metal
Working on new album.

Amok – Heavy metal

Crackdust – Death metal

Remuda – Heavy metal

Stane – Thrash/Death metal

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