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Motorpsycho – The Crucible

Motorpsycho debut album was Lobotomizer from 1991. Two years ago the Norwegian trio released the album The Tower which was received with applause very many places. In February the band will release the album The Crucible which is the band’s 23rd album. The Crucible starts where The Tower quit, but in good Motorpscycho tradition something new and exciting happens after a while. It becomes clear that The Crucial shows a band that explores new opportunities in music. The title track The Crucible,

The Crucible offer a broader lyric than its predecessor, and incredible enough the music is sharper and daring than ever! The Motorpsycho trio has been going on for so long and is so confident that they dare to do exactly what they feel here and now. That gives lead to that The Crucible to sounds so fresh and exciting. Big applause to Motorpscycho again.

Motorpsycho do things their own way, and have no respect for traditional song structures and no respect for traditional rock. The Norwegian band delivers here and there the craziest riff,  the most insane and incredible but fascinating polyrhythmic sections. This album musically seems to sum up the extremes of the band, but done with cunning, style and great musicality. The track Psychotzar,

Motorpsycho was formed initially of Bent Sæther (bass), Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan (guitars) and Kjell Runar “Killer” Jenssen (drums). The demo EP Maiden Voyage from 1990 was their first release, followed by the full length production the earlier mentioned Lobotomizer in 1991. On these first two ventures their stylistic expression were heavily influenced by punk and grunge, the latter a style of music highly popular at the time.

Shortly after the release of their first album drummer Jenssen left the band, and was replaced by Håkon Gebhardt (drums, vocals, banjo). This second edition of the band would prove to be pretty stable, as this threesome would make up the core unit of the band for the next 14 years.

The first efforts of the new line-up were the single 3 Songs For Rut, followed by the EP Soothe. Both of these productions were issued in limited editions in 1992, and was assembled and released as the compilation album 8 Soothings Songs For Rut later the same year. While still pursuing a style of music most closely related to alternative metal on these efforts, influences from progressive rock started manifesting themselves at this point, first and foremost in the close to 10 minutes long effort Lighthouse Girl.

And influences from progressive rock, psychedelic music and indie rock would all become steadily more prevalent in the musical exploits of Motorpsycho in the coming years, a steadily evolving process that can be traced in a flurry of releases throughout the 90’s. Many feel they emerged as a purebred progressive outfit already in 1993, when they released the double album Demon Box. A single CD version of this effort was released as well, and the tracks omitted from this version due time constraints was soon after made available on Mountain EP.

One reason for the development in stylistic expressions on this particular album was the addition of Helge Sten (keyboards, theremin) to their ranks. He would remain a permanent member of Motorpsychountil 1995, and something of a cross between an associated member and frequently used guest musician and contributor for the following years. Sten might be more well know to music fans by his creative moniker Deahtprod, and he has a score of releases to his own name exploring dark ambient, droning sonic landscapes.

Throughout the 90’s Motorpsycho established themselves as a highly productive band, issuing critically acclaimed EP’s and full length ventures frequently and firmly establishing themselves as a solid live act as well. The year 2000 was to become the next groundbreaking year for the band, when the release of Let Them Eat Cake saw Motorpschco incorporate a smoother, jazz-influenced approach to their ventures, a change in style and approach followed up on the albums Phanerothymein 2001 and t’s a Love Cult in 2002.

Over the years, Motorpsycho has been an incredibly productive band that has dared where others are cowardly and do not dare. The band has visited and explored many possibilities in music. Genre mix has also been a significant part of the band’s music.

Today the band consist of Bent Sæther, Hans Magnus “Snah” Ryan, Tomas Järmyr.


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