Maquinas: A joyful listening.

Maquinas - O Cão de Toda Noite

The Brazilian band up their game on the second album.

With “O Cão de Toda Noite”, or “The Dog of All Night”, the Brazilian experimental outfit has pushed their sound further into the realms of genres like jazz, post-rock and shoegaze. On their second album the band also draw influence from contemporary classical music, with styles like atonality and dodecaphony.

Into their musical universe the quintet has invited several experimental musicians from their hometown of Fortaleza, in the Northeastern state of Ceará. On the third track O Silêncio é Vermelho, we find the art-rocker Clau Aniz on clarinet, Eros Augustus on piano, and Felipe Couto on drum machine, who is attached to Quintal Studio where the album was recorded, and act as a co-producer and mixer.

The result is an album filled with a free spirit, having a melancholic atmosphere, while being playful at the same time, and worth checking out for anyone who enjoys good jazz-rock.


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