Hunt the Dinosaur get their Facebook page hacked.

The Dallas-based deathcore band Hunt the Dinosaur recently had their Facebook page hacked and deleted. Years of building and 30,000 followers gone.

Personally I’ve spent years myself building up Facebook groups, and to one day find out someone would do such a lowball thing would certainly have angered me. I’ve been part of several pages and groups that have been hacked and deleted, a few of them having up to a million followers. In this regard Facebook policies are truly shitty, and makes no sense whatsoever. And the chance of recovering is next to none.

In a statement on his personal Facebook page, Hunt the Dinosaur’s Hunter Madison wrote “To whoever hacked my Hunt the Dinosaur band page and deleted it…..FUCK YOU. I’m beyond livid. 30,000 likes, years and years of growing that page…straight down the toilet. I’m so angry and confused.”

The band was formed in 2010, and put out an EP back four years later. They released their debut full length album last may. The most famous guest musician joining their ranks was ex-Faceless drummer Bryce Butler. The band still got a fan based group with approximately 10,000 followers.

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