Stonetoss: Not to be confused with the cartoon.

Stonetoss - End Point

In mid-March the young Trondheim band Stonetoss released their first album. They write on their Facebook page that they try to incorporate a lot of different hard rock and metal elements into their music, like Tool, Gojira, Metallica, and lastly Motorpsycho, a band coming from their hometown, and seen as heavy psych juggernauts on the Norwegian music scene. 

Stonetoss released their first single, Return to Stone, exactly one year prior to the release of End Point, a song that can be found on the album. The band consists of Anders Hoem Lorentzen on vocals and guitar, Mathias Berg Nes on drums, Maurits Sørensen Molberg on guitar, and Kevin Ari Grape Sørensen on bass. They released the record through their own label called Statue Records.

End Point was released March 18.


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