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IZZ – Half Life

Om Monday IZZ will release an EP entitled Half Life, and I must admit that IZZ is one of my absolute favorite band and I really looking forward to hear Half Life! Watch the music video for Half Life, Produced, Directed, and Filmed by Mallory Kinney, who also worked with IZZ on the video for Don’t Panic:

On the heels of their celebrated 2019 studio album, Don’t Panic, IZZ is set to release a 20-minute EP entitled Half Life featuring four tracks including three new studio songs as well as a previously unreleased live version of The Wait Of It All, a track originally featured on their 2004 EP, Ampersand Volume 1. A limited vinyl pressing of Half Life featuring a 20-minute bonus track on Side B – the Car Crash Suite from guitarist Paul Bremner’s solo album, featuring all the members of IZZ.

IZZ was founded in 1994 and for more than 25 years they have delivered much very, very good music. They have obviously great pleasure in sharing their music with the world. One of IZZ strongest side are the collective and the joint forces that result in their remarkable music. In addition the musicians is very, very skilled.

The band originates from the Galgano brothers. Tom (keyboards, vocals) and John (bass, guitar, keyboards, and vocals) grew up listening to music together, so it was a natural step for them to join forces as musicians. John Galano met Greg DiMiceli (drums and percussion) in college, and soon DiMiceli was a part of IZZ. As mostly all bands IZZ also have some musicians come and go. 2019 version of IZZ is a septet. In addition to the four mentioned musicians Paul Bremner (electric & acoustic guitars), Anmarie Byrnes (vocals), Brian Coralian (electronic & acoustic drums and percussion).

Once IZZ was considered neoprog, but due to the complexity in the compositions and their creativity they soon was labeled modern symphonic prog. Each album has been released with evidence of significant growth ever-rising praise. This has placed IZZ in the position of being a foundational band in the modern prog scene.

In 1998 Sliver Of A Sun was released. For the debut, John handled lead guitar, and Phil Galgano was on bass. While putting the finishing touches on the album, Tom Galgano met Laura Meade and Anmarie Byrnes. The ladies did not join the club right away, but their vocal and compositional talents would come to have a profound impact on the IZZ sound later on.

The breakthrough album My Rivers Flow came in 2005, and it really started to be a band that many enjoyed. The joining of the two before mentioned ladies was very important.  The band was very good before, but the addition of Laura and Anmarie, and the growth of the group itself drove them to create their most accomplished work to date. Enthusiasm for IZZ grew as the album got more exposure. The live shows were also met high praise. This culminated with their appearance at NEARfest 2007, which was considered one of the best performances that year. Thankfully it was recorded and released simply as Live At Nearfes

IZZ is frequently seen on the Progressive Rock festival circuit. They are influenced by the usual classics (Yes, Genesis, Gentle Giant, The Beatles, etc.), and also modern bands, like Radiohead. There are even those that see a certain pop element in the music, mostly due to Tom Galgano and Laura Meade’s vocals. They seem to have no exceptions when it comes to incorporating styles. It is not unusual to hear rock, jazz, latin, and funk. This gives them a special crossover appeal. 2012’s The Crush Of Night also included contributions from prog legend Gary Green of Gentle Giant fame.

Watch the music video for Half Life, Produced, Directed, and Filmed by Mallory Kinney, who also worked with IZZ on the video for Don’t Panic:

 Bassist John Galgano states, «The title track of this EP was actually written several years ago, but when we listened to it again recently, it took on new meaning given the uncertainty in the world today and it became obvious to us that we needed to finish mixing it and get it out into the world».

«Lyrically and thematically, the three new studio songs cover a wide range from the joy and mystery of The Soul of Music to the heartfelt contentment of Into the Sun to the escapism and wonder of the title track Half Life. Musically, the EP shows a different side to IZZ which the band is keen to present to their fans».

Keyboardist and producer Tom Galgano states, «We’re a band that never likes to do the same thing twice. We want to keep things interesting not only for our fans, but for ourselves».

«This EP comes at an interesting time for the band and for the world because we have been using our time at home these past few months to take a deep dive into writing our next proper studio album which we plan on releasing in 2021 and this EP kind of snuck its way into our consciousness, so we decided to go with it and follow the muse», says drummer Brian Coralian.

Line-up: Paul Bremner: Guitars, Anmarie Byrnes: Vocals, Brian Coralian: Drums & Percussion, Greg DiMiceli: Drums & Percussion, John Galgano: Bass & Vocals, Tom Galgano: Keyboards & Vocals and Laura Meade: Vocals.


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