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Vudewuse – Nothern Gothic

Vudewuse is a very interesting new Norwegian band. Expect a powerful performance of an album marked by death-mythical moods. The songs were written during the main artist SBM’s stay in a cemetery. They are marked by bliss, mysticism and the deeply melancholy. Wudewuse calls it gothic forest folk, and that’s a good phrase. Fans of Espers and Midlake, as well as people who love acoustic guitar will find solace here.

The soundscape is also influenced by folk music, classical romance and treasures from rock’s timeless chamber. The obscure lyrics are often sung with a cold and fabulous Nordic distance, while the group lefler with overtone magic and ghostly harmonies.

Wudewuse is the project of SBM, also known as Spacewülff of Spectral Haze and Skrubben (The Wolf) from Tusmørke. The album Northern Gothic will be released on LP, CD and will be available for streaming 13th of November via Norwegian label Apollon Records.

«A life in service of music has conjured forth a style we call «gothic forest folk». It is the sound of intricate and moody guitarpicking, set to a mythical lyrical universe. This particular incarnation of Wudewuse consists of five prominent musicians from various metal, pop and prog-groups».

Sondre Bergersen Mæland – Acoustic guitar, vocal, drums
Håkon Oftung ( Jordsjø, Wobbler, Tusmørke ) – Hammond, Mellotron, Solina, bass, langeleik
Daniel Bakken ( Superlynx ) – El-guitar
Ole Rokseth ( Gundelach, – Bass, Moog
Martin Nordrum Kneppen ( Wobbler, Tusmørke ) – Drums, percussion

This is what Northern Gothic’s track list looks like:

– A gothic melancholic heartbeat.

Kirkegaardsvise – A walk in the graveyard at night, philosophizing on what happens before and after death.

Kharon– A journey with the ferryman to the realm of death.

Northern Gothic – A surprisingly giddy instrumental track with an ominous twist.

Selene – A tribute to the moon and her aspects.

Halvgangar – An instrumental inspired by the 70’s prog-scene of Sweden and Norwegian folk music.

Bernard Herre – An instrumental clad in folk costume. Bernard Herre authored a gloomy romantic depiction of the North Forest in his novella I Nordmarken from 1849.

Lucifer – A depiction of the melancholy Lightbearer, dabbling in natural harmonic magic.

Hvem Kan Seile Foruten Vind – An old Scandinavian folk tune.

Death and myth in the age of the pandemic

«The modern Norwegian troubadour has his ancestors in the Norse skald, the singer in the hall of the chieftain, as well as in the spelemann, the popular entertainer at peasant festivities. The present troubadour, Wudewuse, man of the woods, knows no royal hall save the forest and no throng of revellers than the furtive denizens of the forest, the flickering shadows of the trees, the birds peering from the boughs. The North Forest, his chosen home, resounds through the music in its loneliness and deep gloom. In it can be heard the several aspects of the forest itself, with its colours throughout the seasons, the moods of crystal mornings, the sombre sunset in the evening and the breathing nights of sleepy moss».

«The loneliness and inconsequence of man chime in; to lose oneself on the pathways wishing never to be found again. On the record Northern Gothic there is also the ambience of the other face of the North Forest, seated before a bonfire or in a cabin, protected for a little while from the forces that are careless whether we humans live or die. Far from fireside cosiness, however. Here, there are enough ponderings and fears for a winter night spent outside or inside, carried forth in a low-key voice. The guitar twists and turns, enticing and disturbing, with an unrest and a great beauty that makes the listener harken and reflect.» – Krizla (Tusmørke/Alwanzatar m.m.)

As humanity’s world is crouching in the shadows of overhanging threats from dramatic climate change, insane politics and deadly pandemics Wudewuse will be releasing «Northern Gothic», an album written in nine chapters for the darkest of times.

«This album was written over a period of three years while I was living in the forest and worked at a graveyard. Early in this period i went through a cosmic psychosis, following a death trip I had had on various substances. That certainly made it’s mark on the songs. At the graveyard I listened to a lot of classical and «gothic» music, as well as metal and progrock which has always been dear to my heart. John Renbourn and Bert Jansch have inspired everything I’ve ever done with Wudewuse and this is no less the case with this album. The result is gothic forest folk – Northern Gothic. I have the honor of being joined by a handful skilled musicians who set their particular sound to the tracks. Dauinghorn from Jordsjø/Elds Mark/Tusmørke, Daniel Bakken from Superlynx/Magenta, Ole Rokseth from Hymn/Sâver/Gundelach and Hlewagastir from Wobbler/Tusmørke.»

«This is a nightly album with etherical themes. Northern Gothic wallows shamelessly in tristesse and melancholy, but there are lights out there in the fog as well. I hope this music can be something that will give shelter from the overwhelming mass of existence. The album is recorded in a cabin seated in the deep woods of Nordmarka, with primitive equipment. I have mixed everything myself with good help from the ever generous Helge Taksdal who also mastered the album.» – SBM


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