The Hawkins: Partly recorded in the deep Swedish forests…..

The Hawkins - Live In The Woods

Arboga in Sweden has about 10330 inhabitants and at least four of them are musicians! The Hawkins are back! Shortly after the release of their second studio album Silence is A Bomb the four-headed rock-hawk from Arboga returns to drop yet another projectile on your eardrums. This time, the band will release a live-recorded EP containing some of their favorite cuts from Silence is a Bomb. The new EP, entitled Live In The Woods, will be released on 12” vinyl and digital format January 29, 2021.

Live In The Woods was partly recorded in the deep Swedish forests, partly recorded in an abandoned barn, and partly recorded at Brasstacks Brewing, who brewed The Hawkins latest craft beer, Olsson Lager. All together, the digital EP holds 7 cuts, with one bonus track exclusively available on the vinyl. The tracks shreds a new light on The Hawkins’ latest material, capturing the explosive live sound that the band has developed from years of touring and playing shows. All of the tracks are beautifully mixed and mastered by the band themselves.

Guitarist and lead vocalist Johannes Carlsson says,

«It was so much fun to record these sessions. Not just to hear in detail how we actually sound live, but also to explore the different settings; the sound of Mikael’s amp echoing through a forest, the light piercing through the slits in the barn, the smell of resin and bark and the coziness of playing a brewery».

Once again, The Hawkins has teamed up with The Sign Records for the release. Live In The Woods is accompanied by 4 live videos, shot in the forest during the recording session.


01. Hilow (LITW)

02. Stranger in the Next Room (LITW)

03. Black Gold (LITW)

04. Libertine (LITW)

05. Roomer (Live at Brasstacks Brewing)

06. Cut Moon Bleeds (Live at Brasstacks Brewing)

07. Fisherman Blues (Live in a Barn)

About The Hawkins:

What if Queen and nitroglycerin had a love child? Well, that would be The Hawkins. With a splendid mix of swing, vibrance, and punk’n’roll The Hawkins serve up rock music at its finest. Delivering the melodies of Royal Republic, the ingenuity of Propagandhi, the energy of The Hives, and mixing it all with the colorful soundscape of Imperial State Electric, the Hawkins will make you say, «Damn, that song is stuck in my head» after a single listen. This is a pure musical explosion. The Hawkins is that band you did not know you were longing for.

Born and raised within a two-square-meter Swedish village, the four members have shared their musical journeys since they plucked their first chords. The specific journey of The Hawkins started back in March 2013. Deep inside a huge local industrial park, they have built their own Hawks Nest. It’s within these four walls of carpets and egg cartons where all the blistering creative magic happens.

These four Swedes listeners on a trip through varying emotional landscapes; the contrast between the deeply dark lyrics and the cheerful energy is arguably what makes The Hawkins shine the brightest. Another element that makes their artistry come through is the small but meaningful details — subtle ambient atmospheres, ingenious vocal melodies, slick guitar parts, and groovy rhythmic signatures.

During their first four years, The Hawkins kept the ball rolling by releasing EPs and singles while constantly being on the road, playing everything from small venue gigs to some of the biggest festivals in Scandinavia: Sweden Rock Festival, Metallsvenskan, and Peace & Love among others. They ended the year of 2016 with a huge bang by flying over to Russia to support pop/punk act 4 Aprils on a 10-day tour.

The Hawkins debut album Ain’t Rock N Roll (released via GAIN/Sony Music) entered the world with a superb explosion in October 2017. The album included the single “Fuck You All I’m Outta Here,” a powerful song with a strong anti-fascist message which quickly gained momentum in the Swedish rock scene, securing the band’s role as one the most promising bands of the country.

To follow up the successful release of their debut, The Hawkins started the year of 2018 by going on a 22-day tour across Europe with the fellow Swedish band Corroded, rocking stages in Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, and Denmark. Since then, The Hawkins have kept rocking and rolling, releasing singles, dealing with broken van- incidents in the overwhelming summer heat of eastern Europe, playing countless gigs in and outside of their home country, and even brewing their own beer — the fresh IPA simply entitled «Fuck You All I’m Drinking Beer».

In 2020 The Hawkins partnered up with The Sign Records for the release of their second studio album Silence is a Bomb: a damn good album that was released with yet another damn good beer, called Olsson Lager. With COVID and its limitations on live gigs, The Hawkins decided to record some of their favorite’s tracks from the new album and release it as a live EP, making sure that Hawkers all over the world could enjoy their explosive live sound. The result is Live in the Woods, to be released on The Sign Records in early 2021.


 Johannes Carlsson: Guitars/Lead vocals

 Mikael Thunborg: Guitars/Backing vocals

  Martin Larsson: Bass/Backing vocals

  Albin Grill: Drums/Backing vocals


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