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Vola - Witness

Denmark and Sweden have fought each other countless times, but that is more than hundred years ago. Now there is peace and tolerance between the mentioned countries, and they cooperate sometimes and also in music. The band Vola consists of Danish and Swedish musicians. The genre-spanning Danish-Swedish quartet Vola is back with their new album Witness which will be released on Mascot Records on May 21, 2021.

 Witness is released almost three years after the Applause of a Distant Crowd where the band dug deep to examine how we are distracted in society away from contemplation and see how our human relationships have changed. The new record goes a step further and highlights broken relationships on a societal level. The rifts between leaders and followers caused by abuse of power. «If you take a closer look», says guitarist and singer Asger Mygind. «So the failure is due to unrequited love, sorrow, manipulation and insecurity. If you take the album title into account, you could see the characters portrayed in the lyrics as witnesses to the broken relationships they have created». “The band has also released a fantastic video for the album’s opening track Straight Lines.

On the edge.

On the loose.

They are here to tie the noose

but they won’t catch me.

Barking noise.

Searchlight rays.

Breaking news for broken days.

Another entry.

The undisputable hole inside of you

wasn’t my pursuit.

I am sure you knew.

You’re a trustee.

I am weak.

I am sore.

I attest to countless flaws

but I’m not guilty.

You’re running low on straight lines.

You’re running low on good signs.

You’re running low, they say, the salt will flow.

Into waste.

Into voids.

Into shades on polaroids.

Leave a whisper?

Pinetree hill

hold me tight.

Cover up and choke the light

but save the blister.

This is how Mygind thinks about the song. «Imagine someone fleeing the authorities. It is becoming increasingly difficult for the person to stay away where the text line running low on straight lines can be seen as a metaphor. He simply cannot choose the easiest path but must be creative to be able to escape. If the escape is then for real or just inside the person’s head, I leave open. It is up to the listener to decide».

Last year, the band released the first taster from the upcoming album with Head Mounted Sideways. The song slides elegantly in and out between muddy riffs and gripping beautiful melodies, all with the complexity that has become Vola’s hallmark. The song is produced by Asger Mygind and mixed & mastered by Jacob Hansen (Katatonia, Evergrey, Dizzy Mizz Lizzy among others), the song moves into new sonic territory with what is probably our most expansive production to date. To explore the song visually we reached out to the young, upcoming Finnish director duo Riivata Visuals, who built a world from scratch around the track and added their own dark and energetic twist.

«Head Mounted Sideways is also a metaphor for looking the other way», says Asger Mygind. «I had no plan for the lyrics but as soon as I knew they would deal with anger I felt instinctive to talk about the decay of civilizations and not to take responsibility for it. It is not necessarily about our earth in 2020. What I felt was important to bring out was the image of a world built on flawed morals and how that world must eventually perish because of all the fundamental cracks».

Vola wrote the songs after they came home after the successful European tour as the main attraction in 2019. Many of the gigs were sold out. It was the end of two eventful years where they also toured with a lot of famous and solid bands.

The album’s theme is woven together in both the title and the cover, which Mygind explains as follows: «The cover inspired the title. The image can either show an eye in close-up or something burning at a distance. As for the eye, I imagine it belongs to someone who has witnessed something. Something huge and revolutionary. Regarding the fire, it is the viewer of the cover who is the witness. Or is the fire what the eye sees? No matter how I look at it, the concept of witnessing something very present is on the cover».

Each song on the Witness album contains its own unique characters, some are fictional while real events inspired others. In 24 Light-Years you get to follow someone who is looking for a missing relative, is he missing or dead? How deep do you have to dig to get answers? Freak is about insecurity and power, Napalm represents a cracked relationship and the grief and remorse that follows while Stone Leader Falling Down highlights bullying and abuse of power and then Inside Your Fur which takes a closer look at the dangers of nostalgia. Future Bird is a heartbreaking story based on real events.

 «I got the post after reading a post on Facebook about a couple who lose their unborn child. They told about the pregnancy and their feelings for the little man that they are never allowed to meet». He continues, «The Future Bird is a metaphor for the child who was never allowed to grow up and make his mark on the world.” These Black Claws are a metaphor for addiction and the experience of being pulled back into the dark with a guest appearance by the electronic / hip-hop duo Shamen.

«Bless (the singer in Shamen) contributed the lyrics to his verse». Mygind continues, «I think his song gives the song a demonic vibe but also a good groove. The rhythm of the verse is very hip-hop-inspired, so putting on rap felt like giving that part its full potential».

The lyrics One Straw In The Drain / One Word That You Failed To Sustain echo again and again before the band breaks off in an armored heavy attack while the song swirls down with a suffocating weight. Constantly atmospheric, Vola slides further only a breath away from the subject with the listener in an iron grip while he sees how the story develops. It is their ability to create film-like sequences that allows one to be an independent viewer but still engaged in the story that pulls one deeper into its veins.


Asger Mygind – Vcocal and guitar, Martin Werner – Keyboards, Nicolai Mogenseh – Bass and Adam Janzi – Drums.


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