Synastry: Offers more groove and aggressiveness than the first release…..

Synastry - Dividing The Double Helix

The title track Dividing The Double Helix from the album out March 26th.

Montreal’s Synastry has been hard at work in the past year; after re-forming early in 2020, they released an EP Civilization’s Coma in November, now they are announcing the release of another EP Dividing The Double Helix.

This second EP offers more groove and aggressiveness than the first, and it’s apparent that Synastry aims to give fans more of what they are used to, without rehashing old ideas. Thematically these three new songs are similar to Civilization’s Coma, but the delivery takes a different form. The band shares their thoughts on the EP’s title track and single Dividing The Double Helix:

«We are very happy to be able to share this track with listeners everywhere. It’s the kind of song that will hook you right away and has a little something for everyone. As you listen to it more and more, you can hear your cells dividing and your DNA being infiltrated by Synastry’s relentless grooves!».

There is more in store for fans of Synastry, they explain that the lyrical concept for this EP and the rest of the EPs they are planning on releasing are written from the viewpoint of the individual’s view of themselves in relation to society. The hope that the individual can take the responsibility to be better for the whole while not compromising their own wants, needs, and beliefs.

Dividing The Double Helix is heavy, modern metal that is easy to get into, but at the same time, interesting enough to not be a flash in the pan. It is recommended for fans of Veil Of Maya, Born Of Osiris, and Within the Ruins.

Track Listing:

1. Dividing The Double Helix (3:37)

2. Cryolife (4:04)

3. Assembly Line Asylum (5:02)

EP Length: 12:44

It takes courage for a band to integrate such distinct thrash, death, and industrial influences into a catchy yet multilayered approach as do Montreal’s Synastry.

Each metal listener desires something different and thus a band exists for every taste. Inspired to a certain point by melodic, futuristic death thrash, Synastry binds to these influences a threatening mid-paced groove, atmospheric textures, and the unmistakable gruff and mature vocals of James Aniston. Flanked by guitarist Paul Iverson and bassist Gary Vee, and backed up by the thunderous Kay Kessler, Synastry is a crushing wall of well thought out and meticulously written metal. Lyrics come from Aniston’s impression of the world and his experiences in it which are layered with the collaborative music that all band members contribute to.

Started originally in the early 00s, the Montreal band took the underground scene by storm, they climbed the Myspace ranks, toured the regions, and released Pallets Of My New World (2006) (EP) and Blind Eyes Bleed (2008) (LP). In 2012, the band went dormant, where they remained until 2020 and awakened the world with the rumbling sounds of their resurrection in the form of EP Civilization’s Coma. Its mission amidst the widespread uncertainty of Covid times was to sweep the globe and to explore humanity, the singularity, and its morality.

Just like a rising phoenix, Synastry continues to burn its flames by kicking off 2021 with another EP.

Entitled Dividing The Double Helix, the EP is three tracks best described as a fast-paced groove fest that will once again hook fans from the first note and make you bang your head throughout. It’s simply heavy groovy brutality!

«We hope to give fans more of what they are used to from us, without rehashing old ideas. Thematically these 3 songs are similar to Civilization’s Coma EP, but the delivery is different. The lyrics from these three new tracks are very personal to me. It comes from my impression of how I feel I fit in the modern world, and how I see myself», says vocalist James Aniston.


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