Salva: With ever-evolving musical landscapes…..

Salva – A Thousand Ways To Disappear

It has been a while since Salva relased A Thousand Ways To Disappear but Nineteen-73 artist promotions and White Knight records are satisfied to present the latest album by Swedish progressive rock band Salva.

Swedish hard rock / symphonic band Salva are finally back with their new album A Thousand Ways To Disappear.. The band were formed in 2003 and have five previous albums under their belts. This is their sixth full length offering.

The ever-evolving musical landscapes of Salva continues to pull the band and its followers in new sonic paths, while still maintaining that unique Salva sound, with their powerful blend of prog, hard rock/metal, folk and AOR. 

The band say: We have really been enjoying a creative peak the last few years, resulting in a much higher productivity than before. Hopefully it will continue. If you compare the first Salva-album to the new one it’s hard to tell it’s the same band. We still love many of the old songs but musically and sonically, we’ve come a really long way».

Discussing the Pro’ tag, they say: «Is Salva prog? People can call it what they want. We have absolutely no problem with the prog-tag but we are not necessarily trying to re-invent the wheel with every note. We like to try and combine things that we maybe haven’t tried before. One prog review even said we were too eclectic. Go figure…We don’t want to be mainstream but we don’t want to alienate people either. Somewhere in between would be perfect. Somewhat adventurous music with mass appeal».

1. Stars Aligned (7:29)

2. Feeding The Flame (4:56)

3. A New God (9:15)

4. Wonder’s Rebirth (5:22)

5. Coma (13:48)

6. Elegy (4:46)

7. The Strong, Silent Type (8:24)

Total Time 54:00

Line-up / Musicians

– Per Malmberg / vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, keyboards, accordion, mandolin, percussion

– Stefan Gavik / guitar, backing vocals

– Johan Lindqvist / keyboards, backing vocals

– Daniel Nätt / bass, backing vocals

– Erik Zetterlund / drums, percussion, backing vocals

Salva was founded in Sweden in 2003, and swedish lead guitarist Stefan Gavik and vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Per Malmberg are longtime friends. Their early meetings, however, had nothing to do with music. They were both on the same handball-team and has been friends ever since. Growing up they found that they shared a burning passion for music and formed their first band in their teens. The emphasis on the music was hard rock and heavy metal and the band played some live shows at school happenings and such.

In gymnasiet (the Swedish equivalent to high school) Per Malmberg met keyboard player Johan Lindqvist through mutual friends. They gelled instantly and Per Malmberg persuaded Johan Lindqvistto join the band as well. In their late teens they felt it was time to make some money off the music so they started playing cover-songs on the live circuit of south-western Sweden (pubs, clubs, parties etc.) with great success. To this day they are still performing in this manner (under the Stämband-moniker) and have been doing so for the last 12 years.

The Salva project had been a musical idea of Per Malmberg for many years, but it didn’t become a reality until 2003 when he, Johan and Stefan decided to form Salva.They started recording what was to become their debut album, A Handful Of Earth that was released in the autumn of 2004.

In 2005 the three decided it was time to start working on their second album. Johan’s younger brother Fredrik Lindqvist, a gifted bass player, and drummer Lasse Bolin, an old school friend, both agreed to join the band and work began on what was to become Left To Burn, released in 2007 and with it Salva continued building their reputation and growing fan base.

Although work on their third album started right at the heels of Left To Burn’s release, several of the members got married and started families in the years that followed resulting in the recordings taking almost 3 years.


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