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Aisles - Fast

The Chilean prog rock band Aisles has just unveiled their first new song in five years, Fast, which is being released through Presagio Records on Friday, June 4th, on Spotify and all digital platforms. The song is a preview of the group’s fifth studio album, which will be out during the next few months.


It cannot be tomorrow

You know this world will end, sweetheart

Come here and show me desire

You know there’s no way out of this drama

And love’s never coming back             

I can’t resist a tipsy smile         

There’s a reason we’re going faster

Now with no return  

You don’t get it, there’s no meaning           

Some already lost their faith      

We will drink away our growing anguish

We will start to speed again

Here we’re going, faster, stronger than we were before 

While life kills, days hurt,

Speed will somehow cure our pain

Can’t you see that most are lonely these days

Can’t you see we’re losing hope around here

But life’s a quest to impose our own terms, you know

That’s why we won’t negotiate

There are few chances and one life, you know      

There’s a reason we’re going faster

Now with no return

Is this the end of the line, babe?

Can we push ourselves some more?

It’s been useless for a while now and it’s darker

But life is poetry and war

Here we’re going, faster, stronger than we were before                           

We’re so lost, so proud

Addicted to this drug we chose    

We’re going, faster, stronger than we were before 

While life kills, days hurt

Speed will somehow cure our pain

The frenetic song by the Santiago sextet was influenced by the power of bands like Foo Fighters and Muse, but with the unmistakable exploratory touch of Aisles. «The song and the lyrics are inspired not only by my personal life, with a very hard break-up, and the departure of Sebastián, my brother, from the band, but also in the global social crisis that has this end-of- a- cycle feeling -explains Germán Vergara, songwriter and guitarist of the group- Fast is about following a purpose with all the energy you have left. That feeling was translated into an accelerated-paced vibe, with intense guitar riffs».

Fast is also the first new song with Aisles’ vocalist, Israel Gil, after the departure of Sebastián Vergara in 2018. «Israel brought the power Fast needed because he has an emotional vocal range and his performance was superb», says Vergara. The track was recorded at Estudio Del Sur, produced by Angelo Marini and Germán Vergara, and mastered by American engineer Randy Merrill (Muse, Paul McCartney, Beck, Liam Gallagher).

The video was developed by Lucy Animation Studio, from Colombia, and the script was written by Chilean novelist Francisco Ortega and guitarist Germán Vergara. «I’ve been watching anime like Ghost in the Shell, Devilman Crybaby, and Akira, and they are all set in an apocalyptic context. I found that there were many similarities between the fiction of these stories and the reality that Chile and the world are experiencing, and we wanted to convey this analogy with a video with a cyberpunk aesthetic», says the musician.

The group, formed by Germán Vergara, Israel Gil, Rodrigo Sepúlveda (guitar), Juan Pablo Gaete (keyboard), Felipe Candia (drums) and Daniel Concha (bass), is finishing their fifth studio album, which will be released during the second semester. In this new album, they have left behind the concept and sound of Hawaii (2016) to open up to a more direct and powerful sound influenced by bands like Porcupine Tree, Rush and Animals As Leaders. «We have done a very exhaustive job: we put pressure on ourselves to change our paradigm», says the producer and guitarist.

Based in Santiago, Chile, and having released four highly acclaimed studio albums, Aisles have become South America’s most important progressive band of the past two decades. Their intricate melodies and sonic openness reflect their incomparable music approach. The group has played in the Americas, Europe, and done extensive touring cycles in Chile, opening for household names such as Marillion and Focus.

In 2005, Aisles released their debut album, The Yearning, recognized for its elegant and delicate melodic work, especially on epic songs such as The Wharf That Holds His Vessel and Gray. In 2009, their second album, In Sudden Walks, inspired by theater and existential literature, was nominated for Best Foreign Record at the Prog Awards in Italy, and the group also participated in the 11th version of the Progressif Crescendo Rock Festival in France.

Their third record, 4:45 AM”(2013), which looked into the loneliness of the human being, received rave reviews and was ranked among the best albums of that year in numerous publications specialized in progressive rock.

Their latest studio album, Hawaii (2016), a conceptual double album that narrates the life of humanity in space after the destruction of the Earth, was called a masterpiec” and chosen among the best albums of the year by media outlets such as Prog (England), IO Pages (Holland), Raw Ramp (England) and Chile’s premiere rock magazine, Rockaxis. The success of the album made them tour in Europe, the United States and Mexico.

In 2018, as a way of closing the cycle of Hawaii, they released the EP Live from Estudio Del Sur, complemented with four videos recorded live, which are found on YouTube. After the departure of their original vocalist, Sebastián Vergara, at the end of that year, Aisles introduced in September 2020 their new singer, Israel Gil, with whom they restarted their constant artistic evolution by releasing Smile Of Tears, a new version of the song from the album In Sudden Walks. The band will release their fifth album during the next few months.

Aisles are:

Israel Gil: vocals

Germán Vergara: guitar and vocals

Rodrigo Sepúlveda: guitar

Felipe Candia: drums

Juan Pablo Gaete: keyboards

Daniel Concha: bass


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