R.I.P. Bradley Eligius Hart

Some time ago we have an article about the band Blood Of The Phoenix and today comes very sad news. We have to report the sudden passing of Badley Eligius Hart, guitarist and vocalist for Vancouver, British Columbia’s rising Metal act Blood Of The Phoenix has died. No cause of death has been revealed that this time. Bradley’s bandmates are understandably devastated. The band has asked fans to respect his family’s privacy at this time, while they mourn the loss of their friend who they described as a foundational pillar of the band, Their new EP, From What We Used To Know, releases this week. We send our deepest sympathies to Bradley’s family, friends, and fans at this time.

The band is out of sorts, but still wanted to go ahead with the release because its what Bradley would want. I will be sending out an official statement from the band later today. Below are some words from singer Jess Escobar to Bradley:

I don’t know if this is what you were looking for us to do, but I think it’s all I can manage:

Dear Bradley,

Fuck man. I wish you were here. Releasing this EP without you feels so backwards. You worked tirelessly to get our music out there and heard. Things are just starting to open back up, our friends are booking shows, and we finally had something to show the world. We wanted to be right there with you on stage with us for it all. You had so much unwaivering faith in us and always said, “Just wait until they see us live”. There are a million emotions flowing through all of the BOTP family, your family, and the BOTP network, but the one I’ve heard the most is that this just feels cruel and unfair. We were supposed to do this together, brother.

The restrictions have lifted. I wish you were here to see it. I can’t believe you’re not. We’ve heard from so many of your friends and acquaintances. People you changed, impacted, and inspired. All saying how they hate that they never had the chance to meet you in person, but loved your light and joy that just surrounded you wherever you went. They knew you from livestreams, online games, Discord servers, Facebook groups, and our content. We knew you as our family – the driving force behind everything we did. You had so much passion for what we were doing and no one compares.

It was the biggest honour to get to be in your presence and a part of your story but it was way too short. Our hearts are broken and we have no idea where to go from here. We miss you. We’re always going to remember you and keep you in our hearts. You had a heart of gold and you gave us all your love. We love you and miss you, and we always will. Thank you for being you.

Indie metal band Blood Of The Phoenix rises to the top of the ranks with their shocking dynamic vocal style, powerful storytelling and robust instrumentation. Drawing inspiration from early 2000s Metalcore, the band has created their niche pocket in the hardcore genre. This five-piece ensemble consists of Jess Escobar as lead vocalist, Bradley Hart & Manny Marwaha on guitar, Jade Weekes on bass, and Nolan Moore on the drums. At its inception, Nolan and Bradley met in recovery on the downtown Vancouver eastside, struggling with personal addictions.

 During this process, they created a bond that would come full circle to the creation of Blood of the Phoenix. The name was directly inspired by each of the bandmate’s life experiences where they rose from the ashes and reinvented themselves. Their upcoming debut EP From What We Used To Know explores the darkness and healing within judgment, rejection, loss and addiction. Throughout the pandemic, the band produced, recorded and wrote everything off of their new EP independently. They have also been featured in Star Pow-R’s A Very Metal Christmas, LockFest 2020, and Fallen Fest. Blood of the Phoenix is not your average metal band, they are a new age genre with a massive future ahead of them.

Blood Of The Phoenix is:

Jess Escobar – Lead Vocals

Bradley Hart – Guitar

Manny Marwaha  – Guitar

Jade Weekes – Bass

Nolan Moore – Drums


Signs Of War

Searching For A Destinatiom

Lady Of The Plagued


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