Mark Murdock And Dmitry M. Epstein: Penned by Epstein.

Mark Murdock And Dmitry M. Epstein - Oblivion Bound

Oblivion Bound is a concept album penned by Dmitry M. Epstein, and Dimirty M. Epstein  have written the music. The band is Mark Murdock And Dmitry M. Epstein. The band is supported by well-know and very skilled musicians.

The lyrics is of life re-emerging from the death of a musician in search of his romance which he finds once he suddenly returns to life admits a change where no one recalls his existence.

Mark Murdock started playing drums at a young age in Phoenix, Arizona. He played in a local jazz-rock band Seacloud gaining local recognition and featured on Phoenix radio KDKB sponsored album.

Mark’s British connections eventually led him to Peter Banks, original guitarist with Yes, who he teamed up with in Peter Banks Empire in Los Angeles where he showcased in Empire and recorded a demo which later was released on CD as Empire Mark III on One Way Records. Mark was also mentioned in the Peter Banks biography (co-written by Billy James) Beyond And Before.

Murdock is the leader of the band Cymbalic Encounters a (mostly) jazz-fusion project reminiscent of Brand X.  As a solo artist Murdock’s music is more in the prog-rock/jazz-rock realm.

Murdock currently lives in Shinjuku, Japan and is the drummer for Masheen Messiah. Hiis other credits include The ID, The New Empire and Nuclear Bird.


1. Coming To (8:56)

2. Ain’t No Avalon (6:33)

3. Echo Of My Ego (5:38)

4. A Way Out For The Weak (4:14)

5. The Game Of The Name (5:33)

6. Voices In My Mind (5:01)

7. Outside Whorl (4:36)

8. Vanishing Point (5:39)

9. Will You Take Me Back (To The Fold)? (6:38)

Total Time 52:48


Mark Murdock (Empire, Cymbalic Encounters, Masheen Messiah) – drums, keyboards & percussion

Dmitry M. Epstein- lyrics


Tim Pepper (The Id) – vocal

Fernando Perdomo (Dave Kerzner, Dreaming In Stereo, John Demarkis) – lead guitar (1, 2)

Ron Howden (Nektar) – drums (8)

Katsumi Yoneda (French TV) – guitar

Dave Juteau – guitar (8)

Preston Murdock (Cymbalic Encounters) – guitar (9)

Daniel Kubota – guitar (4)

Jeff Curry – bass

The eve of Halloween 2021 sees the release of Oblivion Bound: a concept album, devised by Dmitry M. Epstein on Mark Murdock‘s request, a record which tells a story of a rock star who dies and is given a second chance to live – provided he can change and get cleansed through his love, his only constant on this mortal coil – but what if he returns and no one remembers his name? It’s a story of Orpheus and Eurydice turned inside out and upside down, with a possible happy end – recounted over the background blending hard-rock vigor and prog sophistication and set to a string of highly memorable melodies.

The joint project of Japan-based American Murdock, famous for his part in Peter Banks’ Empire, and Canadian Epstein, a music journalist and a runner of Let It Rock, who followed the veteran’s career and reviewed albums he released with such ensembles as Cymbalic Encounters, and Masheen messiah, started in early 2021.

Perceived initially as a Murdock record, The Game Of The Name – this is the opus’ original title – turned into a duo’s one once Mark asked Dmitry to come up with a concept which would run through all the songs they planned to write. The latter obliged, even though he had never penned a narrative-based lyrics, as opposed to image-driven words, and the former sketched out demos to be fleshed out by artists often present on his discs. Thus, THE ID’s Tim Pepper became the voice of Oblivion Bound and Nektar’s Ron Howden shared drumming duties with Murdock, while Fernando Perdomo, his colleague in The New Empire, and his son Preston are but two of the guitarists featured on the album.

While the record was being prepared, Dmitry co-wrote two songs on Mark’s Atomic Rooster tribute, Nuclear Bird`s debut Tyrannical Megalomaniac, and Mark finished and has just released his new solo CD, Visitors From Another Planet.

Says Mark Murdock, «Based on the creative writing of Dmitry’s reviews, I felt he was the right person to approach about doing a concept project with. In this project the lyrics were written after the music, but perhaps as follow up we can the reverse the process».

Adds Dmitry M. Epstein, «It was a gripping experience directing Mark’s music as well as being directed by it. The result of our efforts is open to interpretation, but don’t hurry to jump to conclusions just because the end of this story might have to be written yet».

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