Burned In Effigy: High energy from windy city!

Burned In Effigy – Rex Mortem

A fun fact first, In 1920, around 50,000 immigrants from Norway lived in Chicago, which made it the third largest «Norwegian» city, after Oslo and Bergen. Chicago is called the windy city because of the huge winds from Lake Michigan. The band Burned In Effigy is not windy but with high energy even tough and they unleash the track Nightfall from the album Rex Mortem.

The video has footage from Nosferatu: A Symphony of Horror, used under public domain. Line-up:

Burned In Effigy announces they will be unleashing their new album Rex Mortem on January 28, 2022 to follow their debut EP Terrestrial. Unlike their debut recording, which was all instrumental, this first full-length from the band will see not only new guitarists Mike Hisson and Steve Bacakos on the lineup, but also witness vocalist Mark Smedy Smedbron (Vocals) unleash his earworm fury unto the masses. The three new members join co-founding members Eddie Dec (drums), Matt Watkins (bass)

Fans can expect diverse high energy on Rex Mortem. The album takes elements from multiple subgenres within metal, mainly melodic death and progressive metal while infusing neoclassical elements into each track. No two tracks sound the same. The quintet skillfully and tastefully changes keys and time signatures throughout, so the feel of the music is constantly shifting, but also smoothly flowing between each section.

«We are psyched to present our debut album, Rex Mortem, a catalog of the first chapter of the band. This has been in the works for a long time and we couldn’t be more pleased with how it has turned out. The songs vary in complexity and intensity and demonstrate our growth as a band since its inception. Listeners will hear influences such as The Black Dahlia Murder and The Human Abstract, combining our love for death metal and progressive/neo-classical metal. The vocals are gritty and tense and the lyrics emphasize this with dark tales inspired by mythology, history, and classic literature. Many of the songs follow the story of a tyrannical king aiming to expand his power and influence, who ends up being brought down by his closest allies. We believe our album has something for all metal fans, regardless of preferred subgenre». adds he band.

In lead up to the release of Rex Mortem, Burned In Effigy is unveiling their lead single Nightfall, a track that incorporates multiple clean sections to outline the main musical themes that then appear in the riffs, including fast-paced tremolo picking sections with blast beats. Bassist Matt Watkins explains further:

«Nightfall is a song we’ve been playing since the inception of the band and we felt it needed to be re-recorded for this album with vocals. Though we’ve progressed our songwriting and technicality since writing it and first recording it in 2017, this song has been a cornerstone of our sound. We experimented with multiple different styles with some songs that were written after Nightfall, but kept coming back to that neo-classical, dark sound. The lyrical themes of Dracula along with Smedy’s vocals fit right in with the mood of the song and inspired us to do a lyric video incorporating scenes from Nosferatu».

Track Listing:

1. Doomsayer (3:28)

2. Artorias (5:08)

3. Nightfall (3:20)

4. The Empiricist (4:05)

5. Hades (4:26)

6. Atlas (4:23)

7. Treachery (3:25)

8. Vendetta (3:55)

Album Length: 32:12

Album Recording Lineup:

– Mark Smedy Smedbron – Vocals

– Matt Watkins – Bass

– Eddie Dec – Drums

– Vito Bellino – Guitar

– Brad Dose – Guitar

Live Band Line Up:

Mark Smedy Smedbron – Vocals

– Matt Watkins – Bass

– Eddie Dec – Drums

– Steve Bacakos – Guitar

– Mike Hisson – Guitar

Burned in Effigy is a neoclassical melodic death metal band from Chicago, IL. Formed in late 2016 by founding members Brad Dose (guitar), Vito Belino (guitar), Eddie Dec (drums), and Matt Watkins (bass). Starting as an instrumental melodic metal band, the four were brought together by their love of complex, melodic, and heavy music and sought to bring more of that to the Chicago extreme music scene.

Burned in Effigy released their debut EP, Terrestrial, in April 2017. The band focused on playing shows after and building an audience through top-notch live performances while opening for prominent bands such as Scale the Summit, Angel Vivaldi, Oh, Sleeper, and Mushroomhead. While supporting this EP, Burned in Effigy worked with a couple of different vocalists and eventually recruited vocalist Mark Smedy Smedbron in December 2019 while in the early demo stages for their first full length.

Instrumental recordings for the band’s masterpiece, Rex Mortem, were finished in early 2020. Shortly after, the band parted ways with guitarist Brad Dose. Vocal recording, mixing, and mastering was finished in mid-2021, after which guitarist Vito Bellino left in order to focus on music school. Shortly after, the remaining three members Eddie Dec (drums), Matt Watkins (bass), and Mark “Smedy” Smedbron (vocals) rallied and recruited guitarists Mike Hisson and Steve Bacakos, who naturally fit with and complemented the band’s signature sound.


Om Ulf Backstrøm (6707 Artikler)
Mitt hovedfokus er musikk som er basert på progressiv tenking. Jeg er på ingen måte ensporet innen musikksmak, i likhet med intensjonen bak prog. Sjangerbegrepet er egentlig temmelig uinteressant annet enn til å gi en pekepinn om hva slags musikk det er snakk om i en anmeldelse. Jeg søker god musikk for å utfordre meg som lytter. God musikk til å trigge mine musikalske smaksløker, og til å sette i gang mine refleksjoner. Da er sjansen stor for at jeg utvikler meg og lærer, noe som bør være drivstoff for et hvert menneske. Fordi det å lære og utvikle seg er noe som tilfører livet en nødvendig porsjon "krydder". Slikt krydderet finner man blant annet i musikk. Ikke overraskende mener jeg at progressiv musikk har den fineste "smaken". På den annen side kan musikk med eller uten progressive elementer være godt nok til hverdags. Til fest derimot holder bare rendyrket prog! Må jo også få med at jeg rimelig kritisk, og jeg mener at det lages mye prog som er i beste fall uinteressant, og faktisk mye som er pinlig dårlig. Heldigvis oppveies dette av ekstremt dyktige aktører som for eksempel: Flower Kings, Mostly Autumn og White Willow, for å nevne noen tilfeldig valgte.
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