Soup: With strong sense of dynamics and melancholy.

Soup - Visons

I like soups, but I like best to make the soups from scratch with good ingredients. The band Soup also makes their music from scratch with good and hand-picked ingredients, and the result is often spectacular!

The pioneering alternative rock group Soup have been hailed for both their albums and their live shows since 2005, and have step by step started to be recognized for their genre-breaking music.

Linked to Motorpsycho by guitarist Hans Magnus Snah Ryan, and to Steven Vilson by graphic wizzard Lasse Hoile,

There is a strong sense of dynamics and melancholy in the band’s backbone.

Soup Release their epic new record Visions. If Godspeed You! Black Emperor ventured into jazz, hired Richard Wright as producer, mixed it down to cassette by a stressed-out Brian Eno:

 The new Soup album would pretty much be it.

Produced by the band themselves and aiming to counter the ongoing battle for loudness and Hi-Fi, you can expect a quite different sounding album. The album has been released in two different exquisitely colored vinyl versions and a 3-panel digisleeve. Once again the band’s long-time collaborator Lasse Hoile is behind the stunning cover photos. The album’s artwork continues the visual story from Soup’s albums Children Of E.L.B., The Beauty of our Youth, Remedies and Live Cuts.

«Releasing this album has been a journey in on its own, and we truly hope you’ll appreciate our efforts. 1500 hours of songwriting, recording, arranging, mixing, mastering and manufacturing; We are proud to show you the end result. We are grateful to all our loyal fans and followers, who keep on endorsing the world of soup, and we hope you’ll enjoy what we’ve made” – states the band on their socials».

A statement from a fan, «What can I say? Soup is one of my favorite bands. Besides that, is not just the music, is the whole concept, the art, the physical production, the photography, having Lasse Hoile in the art of the albums. The whole concept is what makes Soup amazing».


1. Burning Bridges 15:02

2. Crystalline 07:02

3. Skins Pt. 1 01:18

4. Kingdom Of Color 09:11

5. Skins Pt. 2-3 07:23

Soup was founded in 2004 by Trondheim-based multi-instrumentalist Erlend Viken. After the starting years Viken teamed up with his childhood friends, and former members of the metal band Klompfot. Drummer Sverre Leraand, bass player Rune Leraand, and guitarist Ørjan Saur set to interpret and translate the previous material for a live format, as well as working on new material for the upcoming Children Of E.L.B. album.

Although the E.L.B. album is written by Viken, the mere collaboration of the four members helped give the album a more lively and organic sound than the previous albums. Joined also by Motorpsycho guitarist Hans Magnus Ryan as co-producer, this release sets a new standard, and also elicits a lot of positive attention for the band. 

The Norwegian ABC News awards it the album of the year, as the four piece starts touring the Norwegian scene. After playing various festivals in Norway, as well as supporting the slightly legendary Maserati at Kampen Bistro in Oslo, the members part ways in 2011, and a new constellation is set to continue the band. With Guitarist Ørjan Langnes, bass player Jan Tore Megaard and drummer Thomas  Nyborg,

Soup starts working on their fourth album, The Beauty Of Our Youth. The faithful “Souporter, and Danish photo artist Lasse Hoile, following Soup since 2006, continues his work with the band. After shaping the visuals of the E.L.B. album, the audio visual bond is further strengthened with the layout of the Beauty album. 

As opposed to the previous albums, The Beauty Of Our Youth is not mixed by Viken, but by Scottish producer and musician Paul Savage in Chem19 Studios, Glasgow. In between the recordings of The Beauty album, Viken also records and produces the albums DUUN and  Entropia, as well as releases two compilations of various sketches and demoes.  

Soup opens for Swedish prog legends Opeth at Studentersamfundet in August 2012, and they embark on a Greek/Turkish tour in March/April 2013, playing several shows in both Athens, Thessaloniki, Ankara and Istanbul, including a live performance on the Greek TV show Radio  Arvila. The Beautyalbum releases in September 2013 and receives several great reviews in both Norwegian and European press. Early 2015, Soup joins stoner rock newcomers Spidergawd on their European tour in March 2015. After the European tour in March, the band takes a recess before starting to work on the material for the upcoming album.

This time also in collaboration with Paul Savage (producer known from his work with Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand) and Lasse Hoile, recorded in Namsos RC Studio, produced by Paul Savage and Soup. In 2017 they release the new album Remedies. This album received a lot of raving reviews and become a favorite of many fans and even of musicians like Steven Wilson. The album found a prominent place in many top album 2017 year lists. 

During the shows that followed, the band recorded a live album. Live Cuts was released in 2018. During 2019-2021 the band (with Erlend Viken at the helm) worked on a new album. The Covid pandemic didn’t help the process but the album is ready!  Visions will be released November 19th 2021.


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