Faraz Anwar: Against discrimination or human rights violations.

Faraz Anwar - Tale Of The Lunatics

Today Permafrost take the readers on a journey to Pakistan and this country haven`t we visited before as far as I can remember. When we arrive in Pakistan we meet Faraz Anwar, an incredible skilled musical with a guitar technique that should deeply impress all music lovers. He offers dynamic prog metal with theatrical moments and even some jazz and classic passages. Tales Of The Lunatics is his third album and was released earlier this year. Faraz Anwar is also a skilled multi-instrumentalist.

The lyrics deals with an imaginary angel Afaiel, protests against discrimination or human rights violations all around the world and hopes people unification and world peace / stability.

Faraz Anwar, born on 15th July 1976 in Karachi, is a progressive Rock Guitarist. He started his music journey at the age of six when he, for the very first time, saw Yngwie Malmsteen on T.V. The bone chilling inspiration led him to pick up guitar as his beloved instrument.

Started playing guitar in 1990, Faraz went on to collaborate with a long list of Pakistani musicians like Ali Haider, Junoon, Fakhr-e-Alam, Junaid Jamshed, Sajjad Ali,Strings and Nadeem Jaffri to name a few. His first international live performance was with Sajjad Ali for his album Babia. His first composition Akela, roared across the screen and at the famous music charts MCC 1 way back in 1993.

In 1996, living in Pakistan, he sent his instrumental demo tapes to Berklee College of Music Boston resulting in winning him scholarship but due to domestic issues he could not go. Later as an acknowledgment, they presented him with Outstanding Musical Achievement Award 1996.

A name known & admired internationally; Faraz Anwar, made his first experimental album Panchi in 1998 which the record label released unfinished and without Faraz’s permission.

In 2001, Gnarly Geezer released his first solo instrumental album Abstract Point Of View. The record label of late Allan Holdsworth. The album earned him international recognition. The album received appreciation from Allan Holdsworth. This album earned him a place among Gnarly Geezer Artists. Later in 2004, Lion Music Records of Finland re-released the album. He wrote the music, played all the instruments and sequenced all the tracks himself and was recorded in DFS in just four months.

In 2004, His black/death metal band Dusk & a progressive metal solo project Mizraab was launched. Dusk consisted of Faraz Anwar (guitars) and Babar Sheikh (vocals). Faraz composes, synthesizes and played guitars. The first album by Dusk was My Infinite Nature Alone, which a Portuguese label released in 1996 followed by the 2nd album named Jahilia which was released in 2003 by Epidemie Records. Dusk toured Czech Republic and performed 13 concerts in few parts of Europe in 2006/2007. 

Faraz’s solo project Mizraab exposes Faraz as a skilled multi-instrumentalist. Mizraab was post-grunge, progressive metal. Faraz single handedly managed to create concepts, compositions, guitars and drums, and Khalid Mustafa played bass guitar in the album. Faraz and Jamie together mixed and Jamie mastered the album. Mizraab’s first ever album Mazi, Haal Mustaqbil was a concept album. The videos launched are of Insaan (Human being) , Meri Terhan (Like me) , Izhar (Expression) and Kitni Saadian (many centuries).

Faraz played countless sessions in collaboration with many musicians and singers. The guitar work in Junaid’s famous song Keh Do Jo Bhi and numerous other songs is remarkable & still gives an identical flavor of Faraz’s musical vision. Faraz displays his incantations in multiple genres of music with equal ease and virtuosity, be it blues, jazz, funk, rock or metal.

Faraz has made multiple appearances in Coke Studio. First time was in 2011 when Faraz performed Kuch Ha” with his band Mizraab.In 2014 Rohail Hayat again invited him to play in a song “Malhar” followed by another performance of his song Ujalon Mein in 2017 season 10.


1. Inception (5:22)

2. Sorrow (1:36)

3. One Of Them (6:40)

4. Instinct (0:52)

5. Weight of the World (6:52)

6. Betrayal (1:04)

7. Liberation (8:42)

8. Utopia (1:10)

9. Throw Your Swords (8:06)

10. Birth (1:10)

11. Lap Lost (14:36)

Total Time 56:10


Faraz Anwar – everything


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