Adventure: With the second part of the duology on mass-murderess Belle Gunness.

Adventure - Tales Of Belle, Part 2-Unveiled By Fire

The new recorded from Adventure is mixed by Terje Craig at Craigtones studios, Stjørdal, Norway, three miles from Hell…. But this is not the hell where it probably is very warm, but a place in Norway!!! The tourists really enjoy being photographed at the Hell sign. Hell is a settlement and center in Lånke in Stjørdal municipality, Trøndelag. Hell is located south of Stjørdals river and Trondheim Airport, Værnes. Enoghy fun fact and now to the music……

The Mid-Norwegian six-piece Adventure spent most of 2020 and early parts of 2021 writing and recording new material. Various lockdowns had its impact, making it hard for the band to work together. While searching for issues to write lyrics about, a friend of the band suggested to write about Belle Gunness. And so they did…Belle Gunness, born Brynhild Paulsdatter Størset in 1859, grew in very poor conditions in the parish of Selbu near Trondheim. She immigrated to USA in 1881, and before vanishing in 1908 she became one of the worst serial killers the world has seen. Local expertise on Belle Gunness’ life was consulted in the process of writing the lyrics.

I must admit that when a band takes a fascinating true story and make music to the story and if it fits I can`t get enough og the music mostly. Adventure succeed in this task.

The second part of the duology on mass-murderess Belle Gunness is here. . The follow-up on Tales Of Belle, Part 1 – Acrosss The Ocean by the Mid-Norwegian six-piece band Adventure continues the unbelievable story of the poor Norwegian immigrant’s hunt for wealth. Part 1 finished with the suspicious death of her first husband and the move to LaPorte, Indiana.

Tales Of Belle, Part 2-Unveiled By Fire features 10 tracks that were all written and recorded during various states of lockdown in Norway. The theme is now the mysterious death of her second husband, all the men seeking prosperity with the widowed Belle only to disappear, the horrendous fire on her farm, the gruesome findings in the grounds after the fire, the absurd theatre that took place after the news broke, the trial of the farmhand, and finally his confession. Nobody can tell for certain if Belle Gunness perished in the fire or not. There is no final confirmation…

Adventure is still exploring the golden era of 70ies symphonic hard rock, mixing in proggy and folky elements. The guitar and Hammond organ still the heart of Adventure’s sound, augmented by multipart harmony vocals and a rock steady rhythm section.

Clive Nolan of Pendragon and Arena fame has a little cameo appearance. Cellist Marit Aspås from The Trondheim Soloists also appears on a couple of tracks.


Tales of Belle, part 1 – Across the Ocean 2022 (Apollon Records) LP/CD

New Horizon 2019 (Apollon Records) LP/CD

Refugees EP 2017 (Adventure Records) 10” vinyl only

Caught in The Web 2014 (Progress Records Sweden) CD only

Beacon of Light 2009 (Progress Records Sweden) CD only

Adventure 2000 (Adventure Records) CD only – sold out.

Adventure is

Kjell Myran: Vocals

Elen Cath Hopen: Vocals, Piano, Flutes

Terje Flessen: Guitars

Odd-Roar Bakken: Hammond Organ and Synthesizers

Terje Craig: Vocals, Bass Guitars and Synthesizers

Alf Helge Lund: Drums & Percussion

Recorded and mixed by Terje Craig at Craigtones studios, Stjørdal, Norway, three miles from Hell…

Mastered by Jacob Holm Lupo at Dude Ranch Studio

Cover design and video by Bernt KulZ

Photo: Bernt KulZ


 Cruel Mind         5:07       

 I Finally Knew.  5:36       

 Belle’s LamentThe Heat 3:01       

 Absurd Scenes  4:45       

 Inside Her Mind               2:24       

 Golden Ore        3:52       

 No Regrets         3:56       

 La Porte Mort   5:04       

 In Court               4:54       

 Confession        3:53


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