Blacksmith Tales: The songs comes with the paternity…..

Blacksmith Tales –The Dark Presence

Blacksmith Tales is a very, very interesting conceptual prog band from Italy and they mixes neoprog with quite interesting medieval folk and symphonic elements. David Del Fabro is the maestro in the band and he does everything very well. Del Fabro are inspired of the classic prog bands form the golden era, and prog metal bands form the 80`s.

The Dark Presence is a concept album that describes a journey narrated through symbols and images from ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages, which have always been David Del Fabro’s great passions. It is the journey of a soul in search of the inner light, of its own self, to do so it must face its darkest part, descend into the abysses of its mind and heart, overcome the obstacles it finds during the journey towards the light to then face a new journey, a new life. Central to the story are the two short acoustic pieces: Interlude in which the protagonist recognizes his own self and relies on it and Last Hero’s Crusade in which the soul manages to find its way to the stars …

Del Fabro states, «The roots of the Blacksmith Tales project were born in the 90s when I had already written on the piano the bases of almost all the songs that make up the concept and most of the texts inspired by the numerous readings of that periodsays».

For some time the musician plays in cover groups of Rush, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Kansas, Gentle Giant … and at the same time he begins to rehearse the pieces of what will become the album The Dark Presence. After years of inactivity, the urge to fix and permanently record the songs comes with the paternity.

 Luca Zanon, consulted for a possible collaboration, immediately shows enthusiasm and involves some super musicians with whom he works. A surprising harmony is immediately created with everyone, the same harmony that is perceived when listening to the album: the Blacksmith Tales project was born! The name is one of the pun so dear to David, but invented by Luca, who plays with his surname, Del Fabro. Blacksmith means, in fact, blacksmith.

The members of the band are: Michele Guaitoli and Beatrice Demori (vocals), Stefano Debiaso (drums), Denis Canciani (bass), Marco Falanga (electric and acoustic guitar), Luca Zanon (keyboards and flutes), David Del Fabro (backing vocals, piano, keyboards and duduk).

David Del Fabro

He followed classical piano and guitar studies, played in several groups of cover bands including Genesis, Pink Floyd, Toto, Gentle Giant and The Dark Presence is his first studio experience.

Michele Guaitoli

Vocalist of ERA, Visions of Atlantis and Temperance as well as producer and sound engineer for The Groove Factory Studio, he has trodden the main stages of the heavy metal world in Europe, USA and South America.

Marco Falanga

Guitarist and videomaker, he was a modern guitar teacher, worked as a producer and session man for metal projects (Crystal Skull, Hanger Theory, Azrath11, Sacred Order), currently he is part of Moonlight Haze (Symphonic Metal).

Beatrice Demori

Photographer and Visual Designer, she took care of the graphic project of the album. After some experiences in underground bands as a singer and composer, she took part as a backing vocalist in the recording of De Rerum Natura and Lunaris (Moonlight Haze) and other metal projects.

Stefano De Biasio

Very young, he began studying drums at the age of six playing all musical genres, he studies with Stefano Palaferri at The Groove Factory and with Alfredo Golino. He has played in several cover bands.

Luca Zanon

Keyboardist and producer, he has played live and produced music of various genres, from pop (Federica Carta Di Amici) to electronics (August Artier), from gospel (Cheryl Porter, Nu Voices Project) to metal and progressive (Temperance, Virtual Symmetry , Flames of Heaven), to Christian music (Giuseppe Marano). The first plays of him were Emerson, Lake and Palmer and Pink Floyd from which derives his passion for refined sounds and large suites, decisive in the production of The Dark Presence.

Denis Canciani

Graduated in jazz double bass, he played with singer-songwriter Alice for the promotion of the albums Exit and Personal Jukebox, currently he plays with Shipyard Town Jazz.

Tracks Listing:

1. The Dark Presence (11:35)

2. Golgotha (6:07)

3. Let Me Die (6:12)

4. Rain. Of Course! (3:32)

5. Into the Sea (Apocatastasis) (5:44)

6. Interlude (1:24)

7. Tides from a Faraway Shore (2:35)

8. The Dark Presence Revelation (3:58)

9. A New Sunrise (4:36)

10. Chapter LXIV (2:29)

11. Possessed by Time (17:26)

12. Last Hero’s Crusade (1:58)

13. Book of Coming Forth by Day (8:28)

Total Time 76:04


– Michele Guaitoli / vocals

– Beatrice Demori / vocals

– Stefano Debiaso / drums

– Denis Canciani / bass

– Marco Falanga / electric guitars, acoustic guitars

– Luca Zanon / keyboards, flute

– David Del Fabro / backing vocals, piano, keyboards, duduk


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