Jumpscare: Close circle of lifetime friends

15. oktober 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Jumpscare is a melodic death metal band hailing from Napoli, Italy and they try to carve their own style. Combining the North European melodic death metal sound (In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork, At The Gates) with the first wave of the U.S. [...]

Melting Clock: Born for sheer amusement!

10. oktober 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Melting Clock’s plays a reasonably atmospheric and complex music that still is very audible. The lyrics are about social issues and are in Italian, and that did many of the famous and well-known Italian 70s prog bands also! On their new release [...]

LatteMiele 2.0: Dedicated to the Devil’s Violinist

3. oktober 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Latte e Miele (the name means milk and honey) was originally a trio from Genoa, Italy. In 2019, Massimo Gori restarted an updated version of the band called LatteMiele 2.0. In September the album Paganini Experience was released. The track Angel, [...]

(EchO): Combination of fragility and brutality

1. oktober 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Brachia was called Brixia in ancient times, and existed before the time of the Roman Empire. Now the ancient time is gone, and Brachia in modern time have produced the excellent death doom metal band (Echo). The third album by the Italian band [...]

Aliante: Talented Tuscan trio

14. september 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Driven by the force of the wind Aliante are releasing their second album by the title of Sul Confine (On The Border). It was not easy, given that their first work Forme Libere was considered one of the best progressive rock records of 2017 (not only [...]

Cellar Noise: A perfect blend

5. september 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

This is stated about the band Cellar Noise, «An absolute symphonic knockout beginning to end, lyrically being an observation on the mundanity of modern life but managing both stark and hopeful themes, and a work that perfectly blends vintage [...]

ShadowThrone: With dark occult cover art!

17. august 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

Elements Blackest is the upcoming new album from ShadowThrone and the the rumor says that the music has many layers to be discovered! ShadowThrone have revealed the new line-up, which sees Zilath Meklhum, former lead singer of Voltumna. The cover [...]

Liquid Shades: Technique is nothing without emotion

9. august 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

The city of Ferrara in Italy was hit by an earthquake in 1570, and 437 years later there was a new small earthquake when Liquid Shades was founded in Ferrara! The band have been active with the current formation since 2012. The band was founded from [...]

Sestrumer: No rules at all!

8. august 2019 // 0 Kommentarer

The Italian band Sestrumer is a musical project in evolution since 1999. They explores rock, prog, prog metal, pop, soundtracks and instrumentals. No rules, just fun with music. The line-up, Andrea Giuseppe Petruccelli – vocals, drums and [...]
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