Final Cry: Re-recorded classic album…..

18. oktober 2021 // 0 Kommentarer

Before going back to the Soundlodge Studio in November to record the new album of the German melodic thrash/deathers under the wing of Jörg Uken, which will be released at the beginning of 2022, Final Cry are releasing another one together with [...]

Finally George: Concentrate much on emotions….

11. oktober 2021 // 0 Kommentarer

Icy Skies is the sophomore on that album by Finally George and he is the maestro on the album, but he is supported by eight musical friends and among them, Todd Sucherman from Styx. Finally George have obviously worked hard with the new album, just [...]

Enemy Inside: With song about imbalance in society….

29. august 2021 // 0 Kommentarer

Enemy Inside have unleashed a new exceptional single & video, In My Blood, In My Blood is a song about imbalance in society. The gap between rich and poor. One part lives in abundance & gluttony, while others fights to survive. The mid-tempo [...]

Argos: Created under very special circumstances…..

24. august 2021 // 0 Kommentarer

Argos is a band that combines the eclectic style of bands like Gentle Giant and Van Der Graaf Generator with the Canterbury sound and modern prog artists. Three years after their last album Unidentified Dying Objects, Argos are releasing a brand-new [...]

Kings Winter: With crushing riffs and catchy melodies…..

18. august 2021 // 0 Kommentarer

The band states, «Looking for melodic heavy metal with crushing riffs and catchy melodies? Look no further because that is exactly the sound that you will get from Kings Winter». More melodies and heavier at the same time? While it may seem [...]
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