Nothern Crown: With epic struggle between good and evil…..

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Fort Lauderdale with its sandy beaches and cruise ships, the city is a popular tourist destination. The many canals, waterways and artificial lakes, which has given the city the name America Of Venice. Now the city can also boast of having a really [...]

Draghkar: From sunny southern California…..

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Draghar is a California death metal horde. Sunny southern California would seem like an unlikely place for utterly bleak and hopeless death metal to emanate from. But it makes more sense when you consider Draghkar’s roots in the black metal [...]

Buried Realm: Josh Dummer`s musical playground…..

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Buried Realm will release the album Embodiment Of Divine this month. Buried Realm is a solo studio project, hatched from the mind of Josh Dummer. It is the second album he has put out under that moniker and once again he has written an epic, [...]

Winter Nights: Bone-Crushing Melodic Death Metal….

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Winter Nights offers Bone-Crushing Melodic Death Metal From New York City. The self-titled album comes after the 2014 release An Endless Apocalypse and brings with it, more dreary lyrics and melodic metal music. The album was recorded between 2015 [...]

Diatheke: Prog metal for the glory of God…..

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Diatheke is biblically speaking. Its the Greek term and diatheke was first employed to translate the Hebrew berith some 250 years before Christ. Diateke is also a prog metalband and a Christian band and then the band name is well chosen! The band [...]

Sable: He was feeling “jaded”

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US Metal band Sable have released single and music video Jade! The song was primarily written by Leonard Frykman and Jon Martinez, with lyrics by Sergio Gudino. It is their first single as Sable. It was filmed at a private venue called Bridge 410 in [...]
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